Alto Saxophone Beginner Lessons

This is a set of 10 lessons that will teach you the fundamentals of playing saxophone and reading music. I’ve used my years of experience playing, teaching and learning the saxophone to design this set of lessons in the best way to give you the solid fundamentals that will help you become a great player in no time.

No prior experience is necessary as I take you through a range of exercises starting from first principles to playing full pieces. Each video has an accompanying pdf for you to use for practise and is designed in small segments so you can dip in and out of each lesson. If you like using these videos please let me know if you’d like me to make more!

What you will need before you begin

The following items can be bought at any good music store or online.

  • Alto Saxophone – bought or hired. If you are using your own make sure to check with an instrument repairer that it’s in good condition
  • A box of No 1.5 alto saxophone reeds. The number refers to their hardness and to begin with you need soft reeds.
  • An alto saxophone cleaning kit – this should include cork grease, a body pull-through, a neck and mouthpiece pull-through, and a mouthpiece brush at a minimum.