Welcome to The Woodwind Companion, a resource library for saxophone, clarinet and flute players from beginners to pros. Here you’ll find tips, lessons, playing guides and demonstrations on technique, tone, gear and everything woodwind. This is a work in progress for me so check back from time to time as I add new material.
Got any suggestions for what I should add next?

Happy playing!

Clarinet Technique 7 Light Tonguing

TheWoodWindCompanion Technique 7 Clarinet- Light tonguing PDF

Clarinet Technique 4 Alternate Finger Drills

TheWoodWindCompanion Technique 4 Clarinet – Mid Register Alternate Fingering Drills PDF

Clarinet Technique 3 Mid Register Finger Drills

TheWoodWindCompanion Technique 3 Clarinet – Mid Register Finger Drills PDF

Clarinet Technique 2 Fixing Mistakes

TheWoodWindCompanion Technique 2 Clarinet – Fixing Mistakes PDF

Clarinet Technique 1 Low Register Finger Drills

TheWoodWindCompanion Technique 1 Clarinet – Low Register Finger Drills PDF

Clarinet Tone 7 Vibrato

TheWoodWindCompanion Tone 7 Sax and Clari – Vibrato PDF

Clarinet Tone 6 Note Bending

TheWoodWindCompanion Tone 6 Clarinet – Notebending PDF

Clarinet Tone 5 Avoiding Squeaks

TheWoodWindCompanion Tone 5 Sax and Clari – Avoiding Squeaks PDF

Clarinet Tone 3 Embouchure Exercises

TheWoodWindCompanion Tone 3 Clarinet – Embouchure Exercises PDF

Clarinet Tone 2

TheWoodWindCompanion Tone 2 Clarinet PDF

Clarinet Tone 1

TheWoodWindCompanion Tone 1 Clarinet – Dynamics PDF

Sax Technique 6 Attack 2

  TheWoodWindCompanion Technique 6 Sax – Attack 2PDF